Coronavirus: A Crisis in Care

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Before I met Michael, he had no idea about live-in care services, such as those we provide at Promedica24. This is unfortunately commonplace as healthcare and social care professionals rarely make people aware of these services when they’re helping people consider how best to care for their elderly relatives. Michael’s case was no different. Like most people, Michael thought moving
his mother into a care home was his only option, so that’s what he did.

Before lockdown we would discuss our businesses and life in general over a game of golf. Michael has keen eye for detail as he runs his own health and safety consultancy, advising local authorities and companies.

The more we spoke and the more he found out about live-in care, the more he wished he’d known about the option sooner. It sounded like the perfect option for his mother.
However, like too many families, he wasn’t aware that he had that choice.

Before the coronavirus pandemic all seemed well, and of course none of us could have predicted we would suffer a situation like we’re faced with now in our lifetimes. But face it we have to.

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