Live-in Care at Home: Your home, your choice, your life

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Live-in care at home is now an affordable alternative to traditional care homes. Allowing you or your loved one to remain at home, retaining independence throughout the treasured golden years.

Even though it is becoming more and more popular this is still a relatively new type of care for many so here we’re going to look at what to expect from a live-in care at home service. What will your live-in carer do? What are the benefits beyond basic care? How does it impact lives?
Let’s find out what’s to expect from live-in care at home…

The essence of a 24/7 care at home service is freedom and flexibility to continue to live life on your own terms. You decide how you want to live. Things like what time you get up and go to bed, when you have your mealtimes, and when you see your family and friends will all be down to you. A live-in carer is there to make sure you can live your life the way you want to.


With flexibility comes choice. Just because you now require a live-in carer doesn’t mean you should stop doing what you want to do when you want to do it. Each and every day can be different – stay in, visit friends, go out for dinner, get involved in community activities, and simply relax when you need to.

When you have a live-in carer, you never need to rush anything. By the very nature of the service, they don’t need to dash off to attend to other clients. They’re only working to support you and you only.


It’s come to a point where living alone and the day-to-day has become too challenging. Well, your carer at home can help get you back to a place where you’re enjoying your life and your home again, ensuring you can be surrounded by all the familiar things you love and cherish. From your comfy favourite chair through to your pets and possessions.


Day or night, someone is there. A live-in carer is a guardian and a protector. That peace of mind takes away the stress and worry for everyone.

Live-in care at home breaks the mould, it’s a change to the old ways of hourly or residential care. It re-invigorates people through a more traditional, vocational approach to looking after an elderly or vulnerable adult. The chances of getting anxious or poorly through a lack of support are just vastly reduced.


In addition to security to protect you from outside influences, having a carer living with you reduces the chances of accidents within your home. One-to-one care keeps you well by reducing the chances of falling, managing medication correctly, ensuring your wellbeing through eating well and drinking enough. All this helps to keep a vulnerable or elderly person out of hospital, safe in the comfort of their own home.

“The family are still closely involved with Mum but the peace of mind knowing that every day and all day there is someone on hand to help keep Mum safe and well looked after is really important.”

“Promedica24 are very professional and I would recommend them to other families.”

Sarah, Promedica24 client


Of course, the physiological benefits described above are paramount, but what about the emotional side of care?

A live-in care at home service provides true companionship in every sense of the word. This is something that we particularly pride ourselves on here at Promedica24, as we make sure the same carer stays for a minimum of four weeks before a changeover – often longer, which is a different approach to other care providers who change carers much more frequently. This leads to a truly special relationship between carer and client, over the time they actually become extended members of the family.

Familiarity matters. It leads to happier, safer, less agitated clients who can then live their lives the best they can. Client’s families are also much more at ease too, there’s enough going on with a vulnerable loved one without the disruption of changing the carer too frequently.


Who said old age needs to be dull?! Certainly not us.

We partner with a lot of organisations that run events specifically for clients living with certain conditions, such as dementia, to enjoy along with their carers. Singing sessions are a particular favourite amongst clients and carers alike. Everyone will chat over a brew and have a good old sing and dance.

Attending these sorts of events comes highly recommend as they are a great way to lift spirits and boost all-round wellbeing. They also help form long lasting friendships, helping to reduce loneliness and isolation within the community.

Want to find out more?

If 24/7 care at home sounds like the service for you or a loved one, please get in touch by calling us on 01254 375023. You can also find out about the steps of getting care at home by clicking here.

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