What is Live-In Care?

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Live-in care is exactly what it sounds like – a carer lives with you at your home. Live-in carers provide full support across all aspects of your life, from companionship through to the cooking, cleaning, and other household chores that need to be done in addition to taking care of all your personal needs.

Live-in care has been around for some time, but with the common misconception that it is unaffordable for many. Now, we have made live-in care a viable option for many families thanks to our innovative approach to training and staff recruitment, meaning we can provide a high-quality service at a lower cost.

How does it compare to other care options?

Live-in care is the perfect choice if you would like to retain your independence and are not ready to leave your home behind. As your live-in carer is with you 24/7 and can provide one-to-one specialist care as required, you now have a clear choice between live-in care and moving into a residential care home, without the quality of your care being compromised.

Previously, you may have considered domiciliary care, which involves a carer coming to visit you to provide their services at pre-arranged intervals. The problem is, this might not provide you with enough support. In addition, you may not feel like you need to leave home and move into a residential care home, leaving you somewhat stuck in the middle. Live-in care bridges that gap whilst taking away none of your independence. It allows you to keep doing what you love in the place that you call home.

What can live-in carers do for me?

You may require assistance with more obvious things, like physical tasks or your personal needs if you’re struggling with the day to day, but it’s also important to consider the mental side of things.

Combating loneliness is a huge driver for us because we have seen first-hand the impact it can have on emotional wellbeing. So, whether you would benefit from physical or emotional support, a carer is here waiting to help you.

Live-in care can help with the long-term requirements of the elderly, including people living with dementia, and is also suitable for aiding short-term periods of recovery – following a stroke, an accident, or an operation, for example.

What is the process?

OK, so you think live-in care sounds like a potential option for you? Here’s what you can do next…

Call us free now on 01254 375023 to arrange a personalised care assessment, or you can take an online care assessment here. This process involves assessing your physical, mental, and personal needs. Then, once we understand your needs in more detail, we will be able to make our recommendations.

What happens then?

We take the time to handpick the perfect carer for you by considering your overall needs, your lifestyle, and personality. Live-in care is very much a bespoke service. We recognise that inviting someone to live with you can be daunting, so we make sure that your carer is not only compatible with you as a carer but also someone who will enrich your life on a personal level.

Depending on your circumstances, we can usually introduce you to your new carer within 5 days, or we can wait until the time is right for you – once you have been discharged from hospital following an operation, for example.

Live-in care can last from two weeks to a much longer term, depending on your requirements. At Promedica24, we pride ourselves on the continuity of care that we offer. Your primary carer will stay with you for up to 12 weeks before they take time off, we will then diligently select an interim carer for you until your primary carer returns.

Regardless of your needs or how long your carer stays with you, we will carry out regular checks to make sure everything is running well and that all your needs are being met.

What else should I know?

Live-in care isn’t just about fulfilling your basic needs, it’s about making sure that you can continue to enjoy life.

From taking shopping trips together, walking the dog, going to the garden centre, or eating at your favourite restaurant, your carer will become your friend and companion whilst providing a professional service.

Live-in care allows you to continue doing just that. Living your life, exactly as you want to do.

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